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URP was created in early-2011 for runners who are passionate about running. Whether you’re just starting your journey past 26.2 or you’re a dirty veteran, there is fun and info to share.

Reaching your running potential requires access to sport specific information. URP episodes feature elite runners, veterans, wacky characters, and a variety of qualified experts to discuss everything necessary to be successful on the trails.  Mix in a bunch of gear reviews, beer talk and commentary, and you’ve got a pretty good understanding of our interests.

The goal with URP is to help ferry our sport into its next chapter. Races are getting bigger, purses are getting larger, runners are starting younger, and it’s in all of our interest to pay attention to this transition.  Now, go out and run.

1241258_943724381683_1509918886_nEric Schranz

Whether it’s training, racing, or even just talking about running, I’m a happy guy.  I run everything from road 5ks to 100 milers in the mountains, and am currently tempting the ultra gods by having no one ultra DNF(s) to my name.

If you’ve got an interesting story or would like us try your wares, shoot me an email.

[email protected]

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