Avery Brewing DIPA and Quad

Ooooh Nelly! I am only–only–releasing this review because I’ve got a few great sources for these brews near my house.  Otherwise, I’d keep these under wraps, as I’m certain they’ll develop a cult following, a la Pliny, and make procuring such deliciously well-crafted beer a chore in itself.  So here goes.

The Brewery

Avery Brewing

Boulder, Colorado


Maharaja IPAIMG_0196


Pours a golden amber with an average head that dissipates pretty quickly.   Clean and clean looking IPA.


Citrus and spruce-y hops with more sweetness than I’m accustomed to with DIPAs.  A little bit of barnyard essence…enough to keep it interesting. Definitely not overly hopped.


Hey hey hello! It’s not a hop bomb!  Although there’s more hops on the tongue than the nose, this is nice and balanced.  The Maharaja is complex and somewhat sweet… it still shows a little booze up front, plenty of hops to keep it honest, but equal malts balance it all out. Definite IMG_0197citrus, sugar, and hops, and a little pine in there too. It’s got an overall profile that makes me want more and more and more.


Bottle: 750mL

Price: $9 (that’s a freakin’ steal!)

ABV 10.2%


Go get this beer.  It should be no surprise Beer Advocate rates this a 94. Stellar performance for a DIPA for someone who’s not looking for an overly hopped beverage.  Go get this beer, but shhhh don’t tell anyone where ya got it.


IMG_0466The Reverend Belgian Quad


Pours a nice dark earthy brown with little light shine through. Darker than most quads.


Is it considered a problem if I get excited at the smell of beer? Nice big dark fruits, booze, some complex malts and yeast, grains, and caramel. It smells like a big quad. Oh hell yes.


Well, that’s a quad! Pretty boozy on the front of throat, nice big fore-flavors follow the nose pretty well. Complex, yeasty, bready, boozy.  Wonderfully interesting and warming with a moderatelycarbonated mouthfeel.  This is the type of beer that I drink, sit back, look at the glass, smile, and sigh.

That's a dark Quad!
That’s a dark Quad!


750mL bottle  poured into a tulip glass

$7 are you kidding me? I’d pay double that. Seriously.

10% ABV


If you’re into quads, go buy this beer.  I don’t know who the brewmasters are at this place, but they’ve hit the nail on the head. Scores an 87 at BA but should be higher.



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