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We’re no experts, just two guys prattling on about the beer we like.


New Belgium Gruit

First things first.  If you only know Colorado’s New Belgium Brewery by their (good but boring) Fat Tire Ale, you’re seriously missing out.  Le Terroir is one of the best beers I’ve ever had and it can be had for about $9…if you can find it. And the Gratzer is a …


Avery Brewing DIPA and Quad

Ooooh Nelly! I am only–only–releasing this review because I’ve got a few great sources for these brews near my house.  Otherwise, I’d …


Moa Breakfast Beer

Brewery: Moa Brewery in Marlborough, New Zealand Style: “Super premium Belgian-style wheat beer.” (from the bottle) ABV: 5.5 Size: 12oz caged and …


Piraat Belgian IPA

Style: Belgian India Pale Ale ABV:  10.5% Brewery: Brouwerij Van Steenberge Bottle: 11.2oz Price: $7? Can’t remember. Appearance Dark and hazy golden honey …


Buzzerkeley Sparkling Ale

Appearance I was expecting a shimmery and bubbly champagne-like beer. Instead, this poured more like a hazy apple juice with a fairly …

bottle and glass

Trader Joe’s 2013 Vintage Ale

While filling my basket with smashed bananas, peanut butter pretzels, and Punjab Choley, I came across the end cap display of TJ’s …


Mikkeller 20 American IPA

Denmark’s Mikkeller takes a swing a crafting an IPA? Sign me up!! My wallet is a little gun shy on laying down …