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We’re no experts, just two guys prattling on about the beer we like.


HaandBryggeriet Sweet and Sour

The name of the brewery should clue you in to this beer’s heritage. Haandbryggeriet is a Norwegian house that’s making all sorts …


Vicaris Tripel Gueze

Choosing a beer to drink on my birthday is serious business.  My wife took me to our local beer shop and told …


Sierra Nevada Ovila Abbey Quad

This is a quad brewed by Sierra Nevada in conjunction with a monestary in Northern California that was looking to earn some …

grn flash2

Green Flash Trippel

First, let’s not get hung up on how to pronounce Trippel (or Tripel.) Try-pel. Trip-ell. Triple. Whatever. Let’s just focus on the …


Back in Black Black IPA

21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco puts out some great brews (notably a Quad from a coupla years ago and a Saison …

Crazy Mountain Amber Ale

This is the second installation of non-California craft beers sold in cans. I generally like ambers, and a “craft” beer I can …