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Longer-winded opinions on MUT-related activities. Got something you want to submit? Drop us a line.


Podcasting Gear

Ultramarathons–and running in general–appear to require not much gear, right?  However we all know that it’s easy to go overboard with things we “might need” or simply want.  There are the essentials, then there are the extras.  Same with podcasting. I get asked a lot what gear I use and …

Tim Olson
Start of the kids' race.

Sights from Hardrock 100

Listener Jack is our official URP correspondent in Silverton, Colorado right now. He’s shared some pics and info about what’s going on …


Montrail Ultra Cup 2015 Recap

Montrail Ultra Cup 2015 Recap The culminating race of the Montrail Ultra Cup is going to be epic! There are so many …


My First Hundred Miler

[The following is the second installment in a series of “firsts.”  In this post, self-described mid-packer Peter Lawson recounts his preparation and execution of …


Koozies are back!

Among important things like training, nutrition, and not going out too hard, keeping my drink cold during the race and my beer cold afterwards are …

That's Emily previewing the UTMB course.

Emily Richards Interview

Sarah and I spoke with Emily Richards a few weeks ago, right after she won the competitive Marin Ultra Challenge 50k near …

Natural Running Form, Case Closed

The running community is flooded with debates about what constitutes the natural running form. Heel striking or mid-foot running? Chi running or Newton …