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Longer-winded opinions on MUT-related activities. Got something you want to submit? Drop us a line.


My First Hundred Miler

[The following is the second installment in a series of “firsts.”  In this post, self-described mid-packer Peter Lawson recounts his preparation and execution of …


Koozies are back!

Among important things like training, nutrition, and not going out too hard, keeping my drink cold during the race and my beer cold afterwards are …

That's Emily previewing the UTMB course.

Emily Richards Interview

Sarah and I spoke with Emily Richards a few weeks ago, right after she won the competitive Marin Ultra Challenge 50k near …

Natural Running Form, Case Closed

The running community is flooded with debates about what constitutes the natural running form. Heel striking or mid-foot running? Chi running or Newton …


Hoka slippers

Inspired by a photograph Myles Smythe posted a few weeks ago, and unsure about what to do with all the extra running …

Photo by Pat Ebel.

Crewing a Newborn at a Multi-Day Race

[Written for URP by: Heidi Nicole Kumm, the ultra runner + crew extraordinaire behind and @runaroundaroo.]   In the ultra community you’ll hear …