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Longer-winded opinions on MUT-related activities. Got something you want to submit? Drop us a line.

Natural Running Form, Case Closed

The running community is flooded with debates about what constitutes the natural running form. Heel striking or mid-foot running? Chi running or Newton running? Barefoot running or shod running? Efficient running or strength running? Pay for this class to learn to run naturally! Here’s a quick video I took of my daughter Sunny. She’s …


Hoka slippers

Inspired by a photograph Myles Smythe posted a few weeks ago, and unsure about what to do with all the extra running …

Photo by Pat Ebel.

Crewing a Newborn at a Multi-Day Race

[Written for URP by: Heidi Nicole Kumm, the ultra runner + crew extraordinaire behind and @runaroundaroo.]   In the ultra community you’ll hear …


Most Influential Ultrapeople in the US

Everyone’s got their own opinions on the definition of “influence.” When was someone influential? Why were they influential, who did they influence, …


Do you run like you drive?

I’ve been on a fair amount of road trips this summer and have had plenty of time in the car to think. …


Leadville 100 Preview

Until recently, Leadville was a huge stop on the ultra circuit. Still is, in my opinion, but a few bumps in the …