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Longer-winded opinions on MUT-related activities. Got something you want to submit? Drop us a line.

Nailing the Variables

This simple sport of ours has myriad variables than can lead you down the path of success, failure, or more often, the confusing land of in between where “this went really well, but I fell apart because of x, y, and z.” For an activity that seems so easy, so inherent, …

Thoughts from this weekend

One 13 oz bottle is not enough for a 50 miler with aid stations spread 7 miles apart. Race Directors take note: …

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Ultrarunner Confessional

With the Papal-Palooza taking place overseas, I felt the need to go to confessional this morning. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, …

Trail Trash/Food

When is it acceptable to toss food on the ground?

I’ll admit, if I’m eating an apple on a run, I’ll chuck the core into the bushes on the trail, figuring that it’ll be gobbled up quickly by squirrels, ants, and other creatures. Am I a rotten litterbug for doing this?

Is a banana peel OK?

How about something with a pit? Probably not, right? Same goes for orange peels?

Thoughts? Where’s the acceptable/unacceptable line?

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ajw and timmy

Five Year Plan

Nearly two years ago when URP began, one question we consistently asked guests was “where do you think ultrarunning will be in …