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Longer-winded opinions on MUT-related activities. Got something you want to submit? Drop us a line.


Drones at Races

This article about using drone-bots for photography at road races piqued my interest (as well as that of Melissa who sent me the article.) Could these be used at MUT races with open trails (parts of Leadville, Lake Sonoma, and Hardrock come to mind) to get real time footage of …


No Trespassing Signs

Trailrunners as a group are a pretty respectful lot.  We’re generally pretty environmentally conscious, we try to clean up after ourselves, and …

Saturday afternoon. Not one footstep on the beach.

Visiting and Running on Molokai

Where’s Molokai? Molokai is one of the smaller Hawaiian islands, squeezed in between Maui, Lanai and Oahu. It’s 38 miles long by …

Pre-race rituals

Do you have a pre-race ritual? What is it?
What happens if you have a bad race? Do you stop using that ritual?

Nailing the Variables

This simple sport of ours has myriad variables than can lead you down the path of success, failure, or more often, the …