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Cool shirt giveaway

I’ve had a bunch of comments about my “Pre Lives” shirt from Slow & co, so it’s probably time to give one away to a URP supporter. Oh yeah! Designed by Chad Trumbo, a crazy fast ultra guy from Ohio, the shirt is soft, it fits well, and it’s a …


Random Contest Winners

I chose two names at random from people who’ve visited the Donation Aid Station in the past thirty days and will be sending …


New BOA Contest!

I’m a huge fan of anything that prevents my shoes from coming untied, as there’s nothing worse than having to stop and …


Our favorite things!

              Why does Oprah get to have all the fun? Hal uses one, Anton uses one, …

sipsac beer

URP Sip Sacs now available

When you’re going undercover, is your paper bag insulated? These are! The Sip Sac koozie fits a can or 12oz beer perfectly, …


Win some big Vibrams!

We found some Vibram TrekSports in the URP prize vault and need to liberate them! Mens size 46–approx size US12.5–but don’t trust …

Luis Escobar

Win an Entry!

Interested in checking out the beautiful trails in the coastal valley of Central California? Whatchya doing the first week of February? Want …