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SPOT Gen3 Review

SPOT Gen3 Review

SPOT Gen3 Review Safety is a big concern when running long distances out on the trails. As the distance go longer and more extreme, the higher the likelihood that something can go wrong. Ultrarunning has a great community of runners that sometimes gather together for the long run adventure, but …

Salomon S-Lab Sonic

Salomon S-Lab Sonic Shoe Review

Shoe Review: Salomon S-Lab Sonics I asked Jade Belzberg (you’ll hear her on a podcast soon) to review the Salomon S-Lab Sonics for me, …

balance board

DIY Balance Board for Runners

Cheap and Easy: Balance Board for Running Recovery and Improvement You’d be hard pressed to find a successful runner–especially a trail runner–who …

flipbelt water bottle

FlipBelt Water Bottle Review

Review of the FlipBelt Water Bottle I’m a big fan of the FlipBelt and reviewed it right here.  Not only do I …


Klymit Dash 10

The Klymit Dash 10 is a well appointed daypack or overnight fast-pack. It is elegantly designed and competitively priced, though this reviewer had some issues with its …

Roll Recovery R8

Roll Recovery R8 Review

The Roll Recovery R8 is one of those items that is instantly recognizable to runners. Even before I tried one, I looked …


Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights

Night Runner 270 Shoe Lights Review I’ll admit it, I rolled me eyes pretty hard when I saw Night Runner 270 shoe lights …