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Adidas Energy Boost

I’ve had this pair of shoes since November, have worn the heck out of them, and am just getting around to a review.  I’ll get to the point quick: They’re worthy of a thorough review, and worthy of their high price. First Impressions When I initially received these shoes from …


Montrail Fluid Flex 2

I was a huge fan of the Montrail Rogue Fly (reviewed here) last year, but hadn’t really paid much attention to new …


Skora Fit

[Ed: Runners wear zero drop shoes for different reasons. Some like the natural feel to the shoe, some are militant in the …


Adidas Adios Boost

[ed: This shoe has been on my radar for awhile. Though it’s clearly a road-centric shoe, its popularity with top-tier MUT runners …


Pearl Izumi E:Motion Road N2

Right around the time I had resigned to working on speed over trails, my usually-full shoe cupboard went perilously empty of road …


Trail Cleat Shootout!

I’ve recently tried out two  shoes that I can only describe as “trail cleats.”  These shoes are made for mud, wet grass, …