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Anton Krupicka ’14

Anton has had a heckuva few months–and says he’s back in shape to win on the trails.  As an athlete with such a stout resume, he has set himself up for Speedgoat, then UTMB later in the summer–both races that require a fair amount of climbing prowess–and he’ll be racing hard …

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Adam Hewey Interview

After last year’s “Hunchback of Hardrock” finish, Adam is back for more of the iconic race, but this year, he’s wedged it …


Zach Bitter Interview July ’14

We’ve spoken with Zach on the show twice before. Once before his inaugural hundred in ’12, and once in Dec’ 13 after he …

Western States 2014 - Stephanie Deveau

Seth Swanson Interview

If you were like a lot of us at Western States, you asked “Seth who?” as he worked his way through the …