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starchy grant barkley

Starchy Grant Interview

Starchy Grant Post-Barkley Interview Starchy Grant’s introduction to running is pretty funny and has some obscure parallels to the Barkley Marathons.  You’ll …

Amy Rusiecki cascade crest

Amy Rusiecki Interview

Amy Rusiecki – Elite Ultramarathoner, Wife, and Race Director Amy Rusiecki (Team Inov8) is an elite runner from the North East who’s …

Nooch cover

Chris DeNucci Interview

Chris DeNucci Interview Chris DeNucci, “DeNuch” to most, started running a few years ago after he had his entire colon removed.  Fast …

Coree Woltering at Rocky Mtn Highest Half

Coree Woltering Interview

Coree Woltering Interview Coree Woltering recently came onto my radar after winning a small 50k in Ohio by over 40 minutes.  Who …

Chris Solarz

Chris Solarz Interview

Chris Solarz – Ultramarathons, stairs, triathlons, pub crawls, streaking, and more! Chris Solarz is one of those guys who’s figured out what’s …

Jim Walmsley

Jim Walmsley Interview

Jim Walmsley Interview Jim Walmsley joined us right before Lake Sonoma 50 last year and we were impressed with his talent, attitude, …