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Jen Benna Interview

Jen Benna talks to us live from the hospital while she’s currently caring for her sick baby.  We expected to chat with her about balancing family life, but we certainly didn’t expect it to be so real. Yikes. In this talk, we cover: How she’s bounced back after having her …

TNF 50 Pirates Cove

Caroline Boller Interview

Two years ago, Caroline Boller was on occasional runner at best, sitting by and reading running magazines while her husband hit the …

Drew profile

Professor Drew Mikita Interview

Drew Mikita is an addiction specialist, a trail runner, a beer geek, a psychology professor in a hippie town in Colorado, and …

URP Picture

Cory Reese Interview

What does it take to run a hundred miler each month for a year? Lots of experience, a slow pace, an understanding …


Duncan Callahan

Elite Altra runner Duncan Callahan wrote a compelling piece recently about “The Burden of Self-Improvement”  that really hit home for a lot …