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Luis Escobar Interview

Photographer, race director, accomplished ultra runner, XC coach, and Born to Run veteran Luis Escobar joins us as we talk about his unique races, what vegans should do at aid stations, coaching high school kids, skinny dipping in sulfur pools (wait, what?), selfies, and the impact Born to Run has …


Leor Pantilat Interview

Leor Pantilat won a streak of ultra/trail events in the San Francisco Bay Area that has yet to be rivaled. Since then, …


Liza Howard Interview

She’s 42, she just ran a course record 15:07 at Umstead 100, and she did it all while stopping to pump on …

New Zealand

Zach Miller Interview

Talk about adaptability.  Zach Miller lives on a cruise ship most of the year, trains on a treadmill (for 80mpw!) and a …

beat snow

Beat Jegerlehner

By day, Beat Jegerlehner is a software engineer with Google, but set him loose, and Beat participates in events that make mere ultrarunners …

jungle hundred

Nickademus Hollon

At twenty four years old, Nickademus has finished HURT, Western States, Tor des Geants,  Badwater, Barkley, adventure races in the jungle…and he’s …