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Rachel Bell Kelley Interview

Rachel Bell Kelley was born with a backwards foot, but started running as a kid and hasn’t stopped. She chooses ultras that scare her and take her out of her comfort zone and it seems to be working!  Rachel runs with the Trail Heads running club in North Carolina where she’s …

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Bob Shebest Interview

Bob Shebest is having a pretty remarkable 12 months, and it’s setting up to only get better.  He’s not a spring-chicken-living-in-his-truck type …


Ben Gibbard Interview

Many of you know Ben Gibbard as the lead singer/songwriter for Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service, but it turns …


Devon Yanko Interview

Scotty and I spoke with Devon Yanko (then Crosby-Helms) a few years ago after she ran her Olympic qualifier for the marathon, …