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TNF 50 Pirates Cove

Caroline Boller Interview

Two years ago, Caroline Boller was on occasional runner at best, sitting by and reading running magazines while her husband hit the …

Drew profile

Professor Drew Mikita Interview

Drew Mikita is an addiction specialist, a trail runner, a beer geek, a psychology professor in a hippie town in Colorado, and …

URP Picture

Cory Reese Interview

What does it take to run a hundred miler each month for a year? Lots of experience, a slow pace, an understanding …


Duncan Callahan

Elite Altra runner Duncan Callahan wrote a compelling piece recently about “The Burden of Self-Improvement”  that really hit home for a lot …

Man Against Horse - Chris at Mile 32

Chris “Tarzan” Clemens

In the past few years, Chris “Tarzan” Clemens thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail on a whim, discovered his love for MUT running, got …

Chris Jones

Ken Michal Interview

Ken Michal has never won an ultra and he surely won’t be pushing the pace from the front this weekend at HURT …