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Mike Wolfe Interview

Mike Wolfe has taken on some pretty serious challenges…paddling across Canada, running the John Muir Trail, quitting his attorney job to be a …


Dakota Jones Interview

Dakota “Young Money” Jones joins Sarah and me to talk about Hardrock, racing overseas, RD’ing, running at the back of the pack, …


Luis Escobar Interview

Photographer, race director, accomplished ultra runner, XC coach, and Born to Run veteran Luis Escobar joins us as we talk about his …


Leor Pantilat Interview

Leor Pantilat won a streak of ultra/trail events in the San Francisco Bay Area that has yet to be rivaled. Since then, …


Liza Howard Interview

She’s 42, she just ran a course record 15:07 at Umstead 100, and she did it all while stopping to pump on …

New Zealand

Zach Miller Interview

Talk about adaptability.  Zach Miller lives on a cruise ship most of the year, trains on a treadmill (for 80mpw!) and a …