Daily News, Thurs, Apr 25

In response to yesterday’s “Why women shouldn’t run” link, here’s one readers reply.

How to deal with mud.

Here’s an interesting article/interview with the Brooks CEO about how he took the company from near bankruptcy to where it is today.

…speaking of Brooks, here’s a review on the new Cascadia 8 trail shoe.

You can feel the frustration in this runner’s post. ¬†Injuries are awful, and most likely it’ll heal and you’ll never, ever know why.

URP friend Tony is running around a middle school track for 24 hours (again) to raise money for ¬†the school. The biggest issue I had with my 12 hour run was keeping track of the laps. Anyone have a good idea if you don’t wear a watch?

Hiking in Yosemite with Andrew Skurka and Flyin Brian Robinson.

For steeplechase fans, this years race at the Pre Classic is going to be extraordinary.

I didn’t realize Eric Orton had started a shoe company.

Want to help a student design a new product that’ll aid nutrition and hydration for runners? Click here to take the survey.

NUC: Five things I wish we did more of in the West.

Do we have to cool down after exercise?

How to time workouts for best performance. Unfortunately, I find it near impossible to do evening workouts. Morning good. Afternoon/evening, horrible.




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