Daily News, Tue, May 27

Anton bags a win at Jemez 50. Ah, everything seems normal again. His report here.

…and Kilian won at Zegama. Results here.

One of my favorite running bloggers: Why do we choose to suffer?

Ouch! A 46% grade awaits the runners at the World Mountain Running Championship.

The world’s toughest ultras.

Interesting: Why athletes are more likely to need pacemakers in old age.

Krista (my co-host from the Luis Escobar podcast), posts pics and a report from the Born to Run event. Sounds like they described it pretty well. And here’s another post/gallery about the event with pics.

Ten fashion faux pas in running. Wear what ya want, folks.

NUC: Why I don’t do crossfit.

Better late than never…the Tarawera Ultra video. I’ve got to get down there for this race!

Here’s a great trail running mag from Canada.

An epic road running trip through 26 National Parks.

NUC: Stop taking damn selfies and live the moment, says scientists.

….but I sure don’t mind when others stop to take pics and share them. 

Gotta agree with Lauren on this: USATF shouldn’t hire convicted dopers as coaches.

Could Beat make one of these “electronic cue sheet gizmos” for runners who make wrong turns?

Interesting: Thirteen stats about UTMB.

And fifteen things you probably didn’t know about running shoes.

If you make a mistake while running, learn from it.

The site’s in French, but the video of Zegama needs no translation.

Ellen Miller offers some solid trail advice, including bringing good coffee.

And a big ol Happy Birthday to Victor Ballesteros. Check out his ultra drop bags here and listen to our interview with him (from last year) right here.

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