Daily News, Wed, Mar 13

More of that incredible cheetah footage. I can watch this for hours.

Good read: Why getting injured is a frame of mind.

Do helmets make you take more risks?

“Overtraining is the biggest problem incurred by runners who lack the experience or discipline to cope with their own enthusiasm.” -Marty Liquori

Aside from having a major runners crush on Lauren Fleshman, she also writes a very convincing product review on some awesome ice/compression gear.

Wow! Top ten at Pike’s Peak will be tested for PEDs.

The “new breed of runner” by Geoff Roes. Good stuff.

Scotty and I are at an impasse. We can buy a new server, or we could buy this for the same amount of money.

Lots of trail porn in this video from Matt Hart.

Should you rotate your running shoes?


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