Donation Aid Station

IMG_0925This is not our favorite thing to do, but the fact is, running a website costs money and we’re asking for help to offset the expenses.  What started out as a little project between friends has turned into a fair amount of work. We never imagined that this hobby would overload our existing servers, but (un)fortunately it’s now a serious expense. On top of that, as of Oct ’13 we lost our original studio space and have had to build a recording studio in my guest room.

What you donate is up to you.

Are we worth the cost of a few Gu’s? A shirt? A race entry?  Our goal is to keep this podcast free of charge, and we’ve been fortunate to keep that promise thanks to the generosity of our listeners over the past two years. Thank You to those who have already contributed. Your help is truly appreciated.

What do you get out of it?

stickersFree podcasts! Interviews with elites, back of packers, experts, RD’s, coaches, and colorful characters.  We also give you race information, our popular URP Daily News , a ton of contests and giveaways. Our goal is to give you everything you need to complete your first ultra, improve on your existing running, or maybe just entertain you when you’re out on the trails kickin’ ass.

Oh, you mean swag?  in sip sac

Donations of $5 earn you a cool >26.2 sticker (or a >42k sticker for our metric friends.)

If there are questions about any of this or special requests, please email us or leave a message in the Paypal notes section. We’re pushovers.  Begging for money is not our favorite thing to do, but really, we need your help. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.

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