Hoppy Brewing Hoppy Claus (Holiday Ale)

Ya gotta wonder when your local microbrewery’s offerings end up on the grocery store shelves at a bargain price.

That was the case with Hoppy Brewery’s Hoppy Claus holiday ale. I picked up a 22oz at our big grocery store for less than $4 and I wouldn’t do it again.

The ale pours deep amber and there’s decent head. At taste, there’s the cinnamon and mace that you’d expect from a “holiday” ale, but this tastes like something went wrong.  Definitely an over abundance of over-roasted malts and alcohol(7.8%ABV). I don’t know the first thing about brewing beer, but they overdid this one.  There’s almost an acidic taste to it that’s not good.  Maybe after a few others this would satisfy me, but since I’m only drinking two beers each week, this was a major let down.

I finished the bottle (only because I’m on a budget), but I wouldn’t drink this beer again.


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