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Leor Pantilat Interview

Leor Pantilat won a streak of ultra/trail events in the San Francisco Bay Area that has yet to be rivaled. Since then, he’s concentrated his efforts on adventure runs on lost paths, rivers, and unmarked areas on some of the most beautiful trails in the world. We discuss the state of …


Daily News, Mon, Apr 21

MUT Running: Keep it stupid, simple. A day of running we can all relate to. Beards of endurance. Interesting: Hydration requirements differ …

Fern Canyon by Leor Pantilat

Daily News, Tues, Feb 26

Smiling improves your health and can even make you a better runner. Didn’t Krissy Moehl tell us this already? She’s a world …

Photo courtesy Leor Pantilat

Daily News, Wed Jan 23

Even Frosty gets the blues. NSFW language. More on how minimalist shoes are affecting running. 24 hours on a treadmill? Ugh. Dakota …

leor pantilat

Daily News Tues, Jan 15

How paleo works. The chart makes it look easy…and boring. Check out Leor’s latest snowshoe adventure. Speaking of fast, if you want …