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NIckademus Hollon

Ultramarathon Daily News, Tue, June 9

Read this: Six things elite ultramarathon runners are doing that you are not. And….here we go again. Ultramarathons and triathlons are now causing intestinal leaks. Have you checked out the Western States roster recently? Who’d you like to hear on URP? Nickademus’ ten tips for a successful long run (that …


Nickademus Hollon – Tor des Geants

Nickademus Hollon Interview So you think you’ve bonked before? Legs hurt, you’re zapped of energy, and your stomach turns? Try having full …

jungle hundred

Nickademus Hollon

At twenty four years old, Nickademus has finished HURT, Western States, Tor des Geants, ¬†Badwater, Barkley, adventure races in the jungle…and he’s …