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Mackey coming thru Foresthill in 2012.

Ultramarathon Daily News, Fri, June 26

Update on Matt Flaherty‘s racing, injury, and musings on Western States. How to get into ultramarathon or trailrunning without hurting yourself. If you’re crewing tomorrow (especially at Western States), listen to this episode with Kim Gaylord. Not only is she a great runner, but she’s crewed her husband all around …

Ryan Sandes poses for a portrait during a FKT attempt that took place on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa on January 21st, 2015.

Western States 2015: Ryan Sandes

Ryan Sandes is coming to Western States with the third-fastest time ever recorded on the iconic course.  Three years ago he finished …

Photo from Shelby at

Adam Hewey Interview

After last year’s “Hunchback of Hardrock” finish, Adam is back for more of the iconic race, but this year, he’s wedged it …