100 Mile World Record Attempt Live Coverage

Most recent updates at the top:

1:15pm PST:  Per Andy, Zach is calling it quits at 57 miles due to a bum left quad.



Update: Tech-folks down in Kingsburg didn’t have the bandwidth for livestream. Booooo!

Not to worry!

Watch it live on meerkat here.  You’ve gotta have a twitter account to use it. Sorry, not my decision and I’m not familiar enough with app to help much. At this time, the link is dead and I can’t get hold of anyone at the track.

If we can figure out how to get bandwidth down there or a feed that I can embed here, I’ll post immediately.

I feel like this guy right now:









Update: Waiting on feed from Kingsburg (I’m 200 miles away in Sacramento.)

Race was scheduled for 6am, but as far as I can tell hasn’t started yet.

Not sure if I’ll have a live feed or a Meerkat link (Twitter thingamajig.) Hope it’s the former.

Stay tuned.

Live feed from Kingsburg, CA (near Fresno) where AR holder Zach Bitter is attempting to break Oleg Kharitonov’s 12 year old record of 11:28:03.

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