Manzanita Brewing Co. IPA

When I’m perusing for an IPA it seems like my hand gravitates to anything from San Diego County.

I’m not familiar with Manzanita Brewing Company….lucky me.


MBC’s IPA uses a “dry hop”, a technique for producing more aroma.

On the pour it had a nice thick head which had sexy lacing (do people pay attention to lacing?) The coloring was nice, not too dark, red-orange-yellow.

This has all the markings of a West Coast Beer. It is not as beefy as other westies, (Green Flash, Knee Deep, Russian River, Marin County Brewing). I thought it was bitter from start to finish, I picked up hops, toasty aromatics and a little chocolate. It’s not a hop bomb by and means, which is good when paired with food you actually want to taste. I recommend pairing it with spicy food.

It’s seems like IPA’s have been exalted to a near life changing experience, which happens every now and again (Berryessa Brewing plug), and this did not offer it. Not my favorite IPA, but I would totally drink from this well again (mmmmmmm, beer well).

Stay classy, San Diego.


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