Miwok sounds like it was a more difficult course than years past. Congrats to Dave Mackey and Tina Lewis for taking top honors.

Past URP guest Sabrina Moran sets a new 24hr American Record with 147.9 miles at North Face 24. Nice job!

Sean O’Day posts some great pics of 14ers he tackled recently.

As temperaturs rise, it’s good to remember how to stay cool on hot runs.

Does money talk?

“Running duo” wins Strolling Jim this weekend. What’s a running duo?

Max King goes off and wins the 3k Steeplechase at Hayward Field with an Olympic-qualifying time. The guy is tough.  Here are some great pics from the meet.

Thornely breaks down WS100 section by section.

Speaking of WS, here’s a compelling piece by Ed Ayres on The Best Trail Ultra.

Lyme Disease 101. My younger brother got Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever from a tick a few years ago and it almost killed him. To hell with lions and snakes, I’m afraid of ticks.

The Long and Short of Running Wisdom.

Video: The Way of the Trail Runner

This guy actually made the right decision and let himself heal. I seem to lack that mindset.