I’ve never heard of this event, but 100 miles through LA in October sounds perversely interesting and exotic.  Hey, it’s also for a good cause, ends at the beach, and is only $100. Hmmmm.

…and speaking of interesting races, I never knew that “beach running” was a competitive sport.

If you missed this story we posted on FB yesterday, click here and check it out. It’s a fascinating story about a Keyyan collegiate runner in Alaska who goes missing in the snow after dealing with some personal demons.

Now people, this is a gimmick.

Interesting: Why exercise may not lead to weight loss.

My face is erupting with pollen and allergies right now. Here’s how to deal with them.

He sure is a sarcastic fella, isn’t he?

Article shows two butts and painted boobs.  It has been confirmed…it’s legal to run Bay to Breakers in the buff. Flap flap, bounce bounce. No thanks.

Another great interview with Max King.


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