Thurs, May 17

I’ve always said I’m more afraid to run through the city streets than to run alone in the woods.

How training affects your perception of pain.

The RunItForward event is going strong right now. Jimmy Dean Freeman and his contingent are also involved. Sounds like fun!

Bay to Breakers…oh, sorry, Zazzle Bay to Breakers is on Sunday. Both Meb and Deriba Merga are both running it, so we might just have a race! Does anyone watch the elites, or do most just watch the chaos of the mid/back pack?

OK, these sound like fun. They’re on Colorado trails. It’s a series. The races have a variety of distances, and they’re cheap.

Video: Great visual summation of Hardrock.

So you actually believed Skechers would give you a nice butt?

Ultrarunning while pregnant.

What is jumper’s knee and runner’s knee? I had “tennis knee” a few years ago and that screwed up my running for a few months. Now I’m confused.


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