2016 Year in Ultramarathons and Predictions for 2017

2016 Year in Review and Predictions for 2017

Each year we get together to discuss the previous 12 months and make predictions for 2017.  With a sport that’s changing as rapidly as ours it, it’s always a fun discussion to have, and I predict one that’s been had on many a long run.  

Mario taking a hill in the Dolomites.

This year, I asked regular co-host to join me as we talk with coach and writer Mario Fraioli to hash out this last year and try to figure out what the heck we’ll see last year.  If you go back to our episode from last year (Sarah and chatted with ultrarunning magazine’s Karl Hoagland), you’ll notice we didn’t do so well with predictions!

Walmsey at the top of Western States slapping your host. Pic by Myke Hersmeyer.

This year, I ran down the highlights from URP interviews and topics, then Ethan, Mario, and I dove into topics that included:

  • Personal running milestones for the year.
  • Favorite female to watch.
  • Impact of sponsors on the sport–both front and back of the pack.
  • Performance of the year.
  • Role of USATF in ultra/trail running.
  • Gear/shoe trends.

We had a lot more to talk about and covered all sorts of issues, agreeing on some, disagreeing on others.

Ethan at a very cold Broken Arrow Sky Race in Squaw Valley.

Episode Notes

Here’s our year end show from 2014, and here’s the show from 2015.  

Here’s Mario’s site, and here’s the link for his coaching site ekiden.com.  Click here to subscribe to his Morning Shakeout newsletter.

Here’s the link the URP iTunes page.  We recorded 47 episodes this year.

Here’s a link to Matt Flaherty’s music page.

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