Listener Heather reports on the Sinister 7 Ultra in beautiful Alberta, Canada:  Of this year’s competitors, one that stands out is rookie and Female Solo winner, Abi Moore in a time of 21hr 11min 30sec. She was 10 min back from the leader (who slipped by unnoticed at the last transition area) and closed the distance ‘Geoff Roes WS100 style’ and gained another 10 min in under 7.95miles for the win. She recently won another ultra event, Rundle’s Revenge, a 50k race set in beautiful Canmore, Alberta only 2 weeks prior. A speedy Scottish/Canadian import (ahem, Ellie Greenwood), that is breaking into the Ultra scene with guts, speed and a ferociousness. 

Thanks for the update Heather!

Despite being washed out, the Minnesota Voyageur 50M will go on.
The Science of Sport guys address the TdF, doping, and the Olympics. Good stuff.
John Blue looks into recent doping instances as well.
Want to watch Tony K scale a mountain?
Ryan Sandes’ post-WS100 interview.
Hardrock 100 starts in 3 days. Here’s the updated start list if you want to geek out and place odds. My bets? Dakota and Karl beat the crap out of each other for 80 miles, then one of them blows up.  Krissy Moehl for the girls.
This female fell runner is getting ready for a tough mountain 50 miler. She’s also posing with her trail shoes and a bottle of whiskey.
Cool! The “Real Relay” is running across the UK.  I didn’t realize the torch wasn’t carried the whole way.
Exercise: Do you know when to stop?
Great gear review on a new set of headlamps. Anyone ever tried these? Are they available in the US?

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