Daily News, Tue, Aug 19

Oops! Stayed out an extra day camping and forgot about the Daily News! What did I miss?

Five good, no BS steps to becoming an ultramarathoner.

Here’s a great piece about Stevie Kremer and SkyRunning in Asia.

Looks like Leor broke the JMT record yesterday, sliding under Hal and Mike’s time by about five hours! Here’s my interview with Leor from a few months ago…we’ll all have to wait for him to get some sleep before we can see the pics.  In the mean time, you can geek out to his SPOT stats here.

What I learned this weekend: I’ve got no credibility with my kids when I tell them not to run fast on dangerous trails.

Want to go rock climbing with Kilian and Dakota?

Scott’s report (and yes, of course there are great pics!) from Pike’s Peak. And some solid ruminations from GZ on the race.

Sage Canaday and Allie McLaughlin won the Pike’s Peak Ascent. Results here.

I want people to know that there is an ultra runner named Tsutomu Nagata out there.  I run aggressively with all my heart and I hope that people notice.  In my running I want to send a message to all the high school and university kids who are thinking of quitting their schools’ teams, to all the other people out there who have had accidents or have disabilities, to show them that even if you aren’t fast, even if you aren’t pretty, patience and perseverance will bring success.

–Take a wicked-fast Japanese marathoner, put him through a gnarly conveyor-belt-destroyed-his-entire-arm accident, and now introduce him to the world of trail ultras.  Great story!

When national-level events come to town, do hometown races suffer? 

So was Leadville better this year? Sure sounds like it.

Well, I guess they need this to sell watches.

Great race report about perseverance at Leadville from Kelly Agnew.

With Rob’s win at LT100, he’s going for the WS/LT/RRR Triple Crown. Awesome!

And big congrats to Nick Elson and Kim Magnus for bagging 50M wins at Squamish, while Adam Campbell and Ellie Greenwood won the 50k version.  Course sounds TOUGH. Full results here.

Other results: Matt Cecil and Jordan Wirfs-Brock took top honors at the Fat Dog 120 in Canada.

…while an 18yo beat some pretty stout competition at Waldo 100k in Oregon.

And Ryan Welts and Kathleen Cusick took tops at the Eastern States 100. Results here.

Two feisty women beat all the other teams (yep, fellas too) at TransRockies over the weekend. Nice work Caitlin and Magda!  Here’s our old interview with Caitlin Smith. More here.

Pain is certainly a huge factor in MUT running, but it doesn’t seem as revered as it does in other sports.  We seem to pride ourselves on temporary disfigurements, barfing, pooping, feeling like crap and overcoming it. Pain is just something we deal with. Right?

OK, that is pain on her face in the final lap. Wow, great race! Oh, you don’t like watching 40yo women’s track? Watch this.

Father/son running coast to coast for Cerebral Palsy awareness.

The oddity of the long distance runner.

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