Daily News, Fri, Mar 13

New trail shoes for summer 2015. What interests you the most?

Interesting article on the booming (but still young) Japanese craft beer scene.

Aliza Lapierre: When a big race goes wrong, embrace the moment and persevere.

Want to see what the Aconcagua summit looks like? Here’s the google street view.  And here’s Everest’s south base camp. Technology rules.

Leor once again entices us with killer trails and waterfalls.

Looking for some time to commune with nature and learn from one of the best? Check out Tim Olson’s Run Mindful Retreats.

Anton’s Transgrancanaria report. The details he recalls for his reports is incredible.

Color/zombie/light runs got old fast, but I’m intrigued by the new formats of races taking place.  The 4mph challenge is next weekend, and here are a few more.

You heard about Mike Wardian’s 50k record. Here’s the video.

Jen Benna’s return to the races and a trail encounter with her ultra-crush.  Expect an interview with her soon.

The LA Marathon is a huge event. The weather is expected to be near 90, people freaked out, cited past instances where weather ruined the race, and the race org pulled the race start time back by thirty minutes.  Nice seeing a huge event respond like that.

…and can Ryan Hall pull it off?



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