Ultramarathon Daily News, Wed, Jan 6

Top ten male ultramarathon performances of all time. Great list and well thought out.  Only thing missing is Fordyce’s 50M record in my opinion. Anxious to see one for the ladies.

Watch this: Video of Rob and Christina in the Grand Canyon.

We train and study and analyze and think about running and racing, but what we really need is to run like our 12 year old selves.

“It’s alright, I’ve got a solid base built up” has been the refrain of many a runner (including this one.)  So what’s the story with base building. Ian digs in right here.

Rhabdo: What you need to know. I’ve had symptoms before and this very likely led to my kidney disaster last year.

Quit drugging your kids. Get them some damn exercise.

This article seems to nail two hot topics right now: Fences and doping.

Max’s look back at 2015 and plans for 2016 (including Leadville…wow!)

These guys understand as well as I do how haughty and pretentious “proper beer stemware” sounds, but dangit, it makes a difference. (I just ordered the aromatic beer glass, BTW.)

I love me some lucious trails, but would also be stoked to do a track workout at the brand new banked, 200m indoor track in Portland. 

More on Anton’s move to La Sportiva.

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