5 Qs with Pat McKenna

i-PFWCqVX-MName: Patrick McKenna

Where do you live? Reno, NV (but spend a fair amount of time in the San Francisco Bay Area for work).

Age and family status? 43, Married, expecting my first child next month.


1. What’s the hardest race you’ve run?

Lake Tahoe 72 Miler (one loop around the lake) – It is entirely on a shoulderless road that is open to traffic during the event.

2. Have you had an “a-ha” moment that changed your running?

Yes.  The biggest one that I can recall came after realizing I had run over 1,000 miles one year and hadn’t lost a single pound (even though I was significantly overweight).  That’s when I started to become a student of nutrition and drastically changed my daily eating habits.

3. What does your typical gear/shoe set up look like?

I am a fan of the comfort and additional cushion offered by Hoka One One.  I’ve worn Hokas for almost every mile I’ve ran in the past few years (both road and trail).  Socks are always Balega.  Handheld is Ultimate Direction with kicker valve.  Vest is the 1-Liter Hydrapak E-Lite, or one of several 2-L or 3-L packs depending on distance between water stops.  Sunglasses are Oakley (favorite pair that I’ve worn for 10+ years).

4. Where’s your favorite trail?

The South Kaibab trail (part of the Grand Canyon R2R2R).  I’ve only ran it downhill, and doubt it would be my favorite trail if I had done it uphill. Both times I’ve ran the trail have been at sunrise, and the colors on the canyon walls at that time of day are unbelievable.

5. Do you prefer to run alone, with one other person, or with a group?

One other person.  I enjoy the company, but prefer to not have constant chatter.

Bonus: Favorite beer?

I probably don’t even drink 1 beer a month, but my favorite is Deschutes Mirror Pond IPA.


Cover photo used by permission from Myles Smythe for Michigan Bluff Photography.


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