5 Questions with Beverley Anderson-Abbs

Bev Anderson-Abbs
Bev Anderson-Abbs

Beverley Anderson-Abbs

(Bev has been on URP before, and her husband Alan appeared after his epic Vol State finish.)

WEBSITE: Wildflowers 50K
SPONSORS: Sunsweet Growers, Sporthill, Runningskirts.com, GU Energy Labs
FAVORITE BREWERY: Brewer’s Union Local 180 in Oakridge, OR


1. We understand that you recently had stem cell therapy on your knee. What does that entail and how’s it working out for you?
The stem cell therapy involved drilling in to my pelvis to draw out bone marrow, centrifuging the marrow to separate the serum with stem cells in it, then injecting that directly in to the knee joint. The stem cells then “find” the edges of the cartilage and differentiate into it.It seems to be working out pretty well. I think it took me to the next level of recovery. I will probably consider another injection to see if it will push me a little further.

2. You recently finished Fourmidable 50k in Cool, CA. What did you learn?
The Fourmidable should not be taken lightly! I did it as one of my last tough runs before starting to taper so it was on pretty fatigued legs. It was a struggle.

 3. What was the most memorable moment from the race?
Coming over the final hill and seeing the finish line, knowing I was going to beat last years time by 10 minutes in spite of feeling like I’d been hit by a truck.

 4. What is key to running a fast 50k?
Train for the specifics of the race and make sure you are well rested for it.

 5. Which beer did you drink after your race?
I think I always ruin your beer question. We didn’t have any beer for post race so I had a Vanilla Bean Monkey shake in Marysville on the way home. Besides, I had to drive.

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