Fifty Miles on Acid | Interview with Lucas Simon Drake

Lucas Simon Drake joins me to share his experience of running a 50 mile trail ultramarathon tripping on acid. Why did he do it? How did it go? Does he see it as a PED or did in hinder his performance?

Please, listen to this interview with an open mind. It’s pretty damn interesting.

If you’re going to try something like this, please do it on your own and don’t put the RDs at risk of liability and/or losing their permits.

The look of pure bliss: 150 micrograms of LSD during a 10k.

Lucas Simon Drake Episode Notes

Here’s his book on Amazon: Runner’s High or: Can LSD Make You Gay? How I Ran an Ultramarathon Tripping on a Psychedelic Drug: The Easy Guide to Doing What You Should Not

Here’s the reddit thread that caught my attention.

Intro and outro music by David Rosales.

Lucas Simon Drake on the Tongariro Alpine crossing in New Zealand. “Just like Norway but with better weather!”

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