5Q’s – First 100k with Roger Burruss

Roger Burruss
Roger Burruss

We are as interested in elites as we are people who attempt an endurance event for the first time. Roger Burruss just finished his first 100k, Iron Horse in Florahome, Florida. Iron Horse is a 26 hour event and offers 100m, 100k and 50m distances. 

Name: Roger Burruss
Current running shoes: Hokas
Sponsors: Lin Socks, Fusion Sport, Endurance Obesesion & Rocktape
Favorite trail race: Iron Horse, it’s flat mostly hard packed trails
Bucket list race:
Rocky Raccoon &
Javelina Jundred



1. What training advice do you have for 1st time 100k runners?
For someone running their first 100k or any ultra is, don’t worry about time and just finish. Coming out of a race knowing that you can go that far is a positive experience and it’s easer to build on that.

2. Do you have a mantra?
Carpe Diem (seize the day ) life doesn’t always give you a second chance.

3. One lesson you learned during Iron Horse 100k?
Going into Iron Horse I only ran four times the month before because of injury. Run or walk, I know that I could finish. I went in happy and just went for it.

4. Most memorable moment?
Lots of FURbies -Florida ultra runners there – a great group of people to cheer you on to the end. Having fun is the best way run.

5. Which beer did you drink after the race?
I don’t like beer, but I’ll take a margarita anytime.

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