5Qs with Sue Anger

Sue Angerchair

Age, Homebase, and Family:

52, Born and raised in Cape May, NJ.  Currently live in Winter Park, FL.
Single and ohhhh so happy I stayed this way.

1.  What and when was the first ultra you ran?

First ultra I ran was the John Holmes 50K at Croom in Brooksville, FL.  Not sure of the year.  Maybe 2007?  6?

2.  What’s the key to a successful aid station?

Key to an successful AS is good people and good planning based on the specifics of the course.  Give me 3 good people rather than 30 part-timers.  If you get good, dedicated and efficient folks who are invested in the race they will do what needs to be done to make it a good experience for the runners.  I don’t want people who sign up for a 3 hour shift and leave to take pictures.  My people are there from start to finish.  Depending on the race,  that can be grueling (Keys 100) or totally cush (Ft Clinch).  Organization and dedication.  For the past year or so all my aid stations have had at least one 100 mile finisher onboard.  And everyone we recruit has endurance experience.  I know that has helped with moving runners through and recognizing runners in distress.  All the volunteers with whom I’ve worked have mentioned how much they’ve learned by helping and watching.

3. What do you wish new ultra/trail runners would do differently?

Plan.  Look at the course and the logistics for what they will need during that race….and figure that out in advance of the race.  Most runners don’t realize how much money the AS people spend replacing stuff we give to runners. Every race I see us giving stuff as cheap as a tube of Aquaphor to something as expensive as a hydration pack or a pair of shoes to a runner who just didn’t plan well.  As the marathon runners move into ultra we will have to deal with the sense of entitlement….but I believe that good race instructions can take care of lots of those issues.

4. What’s the most scared you’ve been on a run?

I’m not sure I’ve ever been scared on a run.  Maybe when I crewed Mike Melton on his solo Ragnar cross Florida run (when they still allowed that) and we were going through Sanford at about 2 am and gangs of feral dogs were gathering.  Or at Strolling Jim the year Nashville flooded.  I have never been that close to lightning striking close.  Scared the poop out of me a few times.

5.  What race is on your bucket list?

At this point I am happy to be able to run, at all.  But if I get back to ultra status I want my first 100 to be C&O Canal.  I’d love to go back to Beast of Burden (Summer) too.

Extra Credit: What’s your favorite beer?


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