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Adam Kimble finished Western States right behind Courtney Dauwalter in 2018, good for 12th place. The next month he won a 5k, then a 68 miler, then a few months later he won a 250k…then a few more 5k’s. The guy likes to diversify his talents, and he does this to keep running and racing exciting.

We should probably mention that he also won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right. Adam Kimble, come on down!!!

In this interview we talk about what keeps Adam motivated and excited to run, how he handles injuries, and which of Kilian’s US FKT’s he’ll be going after this fall.

Adam Kimble

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Adam Kimble

Adam Kimble Episode Notes:

Here’s Adam’s website.

Vote for Adam here!

Here’s his coaching site.

Here’s the TRT supported FKT Adam is targeting.

Intro/outro music by David Rosales

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