Adidas Adistar Boost Review

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I am new to wearing Adidas. I had always thought the brand would be too narrow for my Hobbit-like feet. After wearing the Adistar Boost, my only question is, “Where have I been?” The biggest surprise for me is that these road shoes are giving my beloved HOKAS a run for their bouncy-bouncy money. Here’s what’s up…

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Fit and Usage

The Adistar Boost does run on the small side, opt for a half a size larger.

Collar fits like a glove around the ankle. Plenty of room in the toe box (no blisters).

SPRING! SPRING! SPRING into your run!! The spring motion in the Adistar Boost is everything I wish the HOKA Rapa Nui (2013) was. Boasting a 9.3 mm drop along with a stable foam cushion lends itself to a rocking heel-toe plant that allows for smooth running for miles and miles. The springing motion added great efficiency to my run – great for putting your training run on 10

The “Boost” delivers. The return of energy back into your stride is quite noticeable and makes running in them so much fun and enjoyable. Great shoe for long distances. If you are injury prone you should give these a look. No aches or pains from running for me.

Despite their size and weight and these are surprisingly light on the feet and responsive.


Nylon, neoprene seamless upper with other synthetics overlays. Mesh lining and toe box.The tongue does feel too bulky for my preference.

photo 11What sets this shoe apart from all the other road shoes is its foam cushion. Yea – it kinda looks like styrofoam. The Boost claims an endless return of energy – supposing the same return of energy from mile 2 to 20 and beyond…. and so far its right on the mark. After 6 weeks of running, these shoes are not showing signs of giving up ($$$$ value!)

Not much of a toe guard, so watch it on the trail.

I think these shoes look stylish and have received lots of compliments on them in cubicle land. My black pair have hot pink in the design, I kinda like it. Embrace your inner pink!

Deetsphoto 2

Retail Price: $160.
Weight: 11.1 oz (size 9)
Drop: 9.3 mm



I am happily surprised with the Adistar Boost. It is encouraging to have shoe manufactures tweak products that can add more fun to AND ward off post run aches and pains.

The Adistars are a boost in the right direction and I am looking forward to my next run and what Adidas has in store for the future.

Now go out and run.~Scotty

These shoes were provided to Scotty through URP as sample models. All words are his and there were no expectations of a positive review.

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