Adidas Energy Boost

I’ve had this pair of shoes since November, have worn the heck out of them, and am just getting around to a review.  I’ll get to the point quick: They’re worthy of a thorough review, and worthy of their high price.

First Impressions

They were cleaner and brighter when I first got them.
They were cleaner and brighter when I first got them.

When I initially received these shoes from Adidas (full disclosure: I got them as samples from the company), I tried on the 12s and they were quite snug in the forefoot.  Apparently the shoes “grow” a bit over weeks, but rather than wait, I instead send them back for a 12.5. Glad I did. These fit me perfectly.

One of my standard “do I like these shoes?” tests is to hold the shoe with one hand and bend the toe up with the other. Generally, the more flexible, the better for me. These didn’t pass the test…initially.  The toe is pretty rigid and springs back more than I’m used to.  What the heck though, they feel like they’re made well, and the cushioning material is mesmerizing. I still can’t put them on without pushing my finger into the sole and watching it bounce back.

I slid the shoes on, laced them up, and whoa, these suckers are cushioned and soft.



As I mentioned, I’d recommend sizing up 1/2 size with these. I’ve got a narrow/average foot, and these fit me perfectly.

No weird arch issues (though I know it’s there), and no strange toe box rubs. The padding around the ankle is ample, but not overdone.

A definite bonus for me is the attached tongue (stitched on either side) that prevents any annoying slippage.


These are decadently-cushioned shoes on the mid/rear foot, but the springy forefoot really allows for ample road feel and push off.  The marketing gobbledygook explains the cushioning as essentially a whole bunch of little plastic bubbles that are fused together, absorb impact, then give it back to the runner in the forefoot.  Not sure how all that works, but it does.

The white cushiony stuff that dreams are made of.
The white cushiony stuff that dreams are made of.

I’m a heal striker, but feel plenty of power when I’m doing speed work, due to the tight build up front.  These are the only shoe that actually help me push off my toes.

I better find a new “flexibility test” when checking out shoes in the future don’t ya think? It would be a shame to have passed these by.


  • My 12.5s weigh 11oz
  • Profile (Heel): 31.8 mm
  • Profile (Forefoot): 21.3 mm
  • Drop: 10.5 mm
  • Cost: $150


These are build for roads or groomed trails and don’t offer a ton in terms of grip.  I regularly run with them on bike path, road, fire roads, wide jeep roads, and groomed single track.

P1110657In terms of distance, I’ve done long runs, speed work, stair climbs, and hill repeats in them, and completed 80% of my marathon training while wearing these suckers.  I also plan on wearing them (or the new version) for my 24 jaunt in San Francisco next month.


  • Cushioning
  • Laces (flat with a little bit of elastic for a nice tight fit.)
  • Well built
  • Attached tongue
  • I’ve put a few hundred miles on these in the last six months and they’re holding up great. No tears in the upper, and the little tread that they started with is still there.

Areas for ImprovementP1110655

  • Sizing. Though the website does warn potential buyers that they should size up, why not just make them true to size?
  • Price is a bit high. Yep, they’re great shoes, but I wish they were more accessible to average runners.
  • The names.  Adidas’ names confuse me…can’t keep track of Energy Boost, Springblade, Adizero, Adipure, Supernova Glide Boost, Adistar Boost, Climachill Boost…and on and on.  Not a knock on the shoes at all, but more of a complaint with myself for not being able to keep track of similarly-sounding names.


These have been my go-to shoes for the past six months. Turns out I’m not alone.  Plenty of other road and trail runners are wearing these and waiting for the day that an equivalent trail version is released.  There is a new version of this shoes coming out in the next few months, which means these will likely drop in price to make for the new version. Hey folks, take advantage of the situation and snatch them all up.

Then go out and run.

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