Alek Simpson | Running Ultramarathons with Narcolepsy

Alek Simpson was diagnosed with narcolepsy and cataplexy at 18 years old and has continued running ultramarathons and trail races. He’s on a combination of drugs to keep him “normal”, never gets hungry, has extreme light sensitivity, and has experienced sleep paralysis…but none of this is changing his love and passion for the trails and racing.

Alek Simpson

In this interview, I ask Alek about the disorders and how they affect his personal and running life. We talk about where he grew up, his upcoming races, and we talk about everything from falling porcupines to a new route from San Diego to Mexico that I didn’t know existed.  Alek is very candid about this mysterious disorder and hopes to bring some attention and light to it.

Alek Simpson and Baz
Alek Simpson and Baz Hawley


Alek Simpson, his sister Katie Burns and her husband J.K. Lundberg at Dick Collins 100k in 2019.

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We also spoke about SOAR Running. Here’s more on the new company from Europe.


Episode Notes:

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