Alicia Vargo – Diet, Nutrition, and Staying Fueled on the Trails

Alicia Vargo Interview – (Updated to mp3 format.)

Alicia Vargo has a degree in nutrition from Stanford, she’s a two time NCAA 10k champ, won the Flagstaff Skyrace last year, coaches runners professionally, runs for HOKA, and has some severe dietary restrictions of her own to contend with.  Seems like a pretty good source to discuss nutrition and diet, eh?

Alicia Vargo
Alicia Vargo hitting the hill work.

In this episode, we talk about popular diets right now and how they affect runners.  Do they work? Who’s the best fit to start one?  What’s the best way to keep on a diet?

We also talk about setting–and keeping–resolutions and goals.  What’s the best way to keep a goal, and what are pitfalls people fall into that virtually guarantee they’ll be broken.

alicia vargo
Alicia and husband Chris Vargo.

I ask her my own questions, as well as pass along some readers questions to her about watching calories on the trails, controlling cravings as we increase mileage, and what types of foods we should always have in the fridge.  Alicia knows what she’s talking about and speaks with the confidence of a top fast runner.

We finish up with her relaying she and husband Chris’ race calendar…and yes, I’m jealous!  They travel around the world as a couple and race in awesome places!  A great mix of domestic and international races that will really play to their strengths.

Alicia Vargo
Alicia Vargo at the finish line.

Alicia Vargo Episode Notes

This episode was sponsored by S-Fuels.  They’re giving away 25 boxes each week for ten weeks, so get on it now if you’re interested in learning about fueling with fat.

Here’s Alicia’s coaching/nutrition site.

Here’s a piece in ESPN about “Shay hostel.”

Here’s Alicia (then Shay’s) original URP interview from her first 50 miler.

Outro music is by Matt Flaherty. His music can be found right here.



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