Amy Rusiecki Interview

Amy Rusiecki – Elite Ultramarathoner, Wife, and Race Director

Amy Rusiecki (Team Inov8) is an elite runner from the North East who’s been tearing it up on the trails for the past ten years.  She’s won races big and small, as well as had some bonks and a DNF that’ve left her hurting.  She shares all of those stories with Sarah and I in this chat.

Amy Rusiecki cascade crest
Amy Rusiecki toasting Cascade Crest

She’s also married to Brian Rusiecki, an elite runner for Patagonia, and she shares the benefits–and drawbacks–of being married to another high-level athlete.  What if one of you have a good day, and one a bad?   She’s a planner, he trains by feel. He’s on social media, she eschews it all.  How does all of that work???

Amy Rusiecki hill climb
Amy grinding up a hill






















Brian and Amy Rusiecki are also the race directors for Vermont 100, and we get to hear a first hand take on what it’s like directing one of the classics, and why Amy sometimes needs to be a total bi@ch…her words, not mine.

amy rusiecki

Amy Rusiecki Episode Notes

Episode sponsored by the Card Keeper phone case by Savage Life Solutions.  Here’s a pic of mine!


Here’s Amy and Brian’s blog.

Amy is sponsored by Inov-8.

In the interview, Sarah references an article she wrote for the new DIRT issue from TrailRunner Magazine.  I’ve got a copy, and it’s a great story about the life of Chad Prichard and how he went from drug addict to pacing Amy at Leadville. Not available online…gotta get it in print, and definitely worth a few bucks!

Here’s Sarah’s site.

Here’s our interview with Brian.

Here’s the Vermont 100.

Here’s the outro music by Matt Flaherty.

amy rusiecki




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