Amy Sproston | Consistency is Key

Amy Sproston has 50 results on her ultrasignup, and 49 of them are top ten results.  She’s won the IAU 100k Championships and finished 2F last year at Western. How has she been able to perform at such a high level for over a decade?

amy sproston

In this interview (her 2nd on URP), we dig into what attributes her consistency.  Is it diet? Training? Genetics? Her answer is refreshing and will give many of us hope.

amy sproston

How does she train so consistently, effectively, and efficiently, with a travel schedule that’s already taken her to eight exotic countries this year? 

amy sproston

We also talk about the secrets to Western. How to handle the heat, the canyons, the competition, hype, and who’s the best person to have on your crew.


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Amy Sproston Episode Notes

Here’s our first interview with Amy from 2013.

Outro music by AJ LeGrand.


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