Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple Abbey

andvalleyLooking for a nice sipping beer for those cold nights?  Not planning on driving anywhere?

Anderson Valley (Northern CA) Brewery has been making this brew for awhile, but I finally tried it out last night. Good stuff at a decent price ($7 for a bomber) for a micro brew.

It pours a clear copper with decent head that dissipates quickly.  Strangely, this beer has very little aroma. Yeah, there’s some maltiness I can smell, but nothing strong or really discernible at all.

That all changes once you drink it though.  The malts come out strong and roasted, a nice and round bread taste balances it out, grains are prevalent, and there are the traditional banana and spice accents. Not sure if the brewers made any attempt to mask the 10% ABV, but if they did, they failed.  This has one of the stronger alcohol flavors I’ve tried in a while. Not overwhelming, but definitely there.

This is a great sipping beer and a solid introduction to Abbey-style beers for the uninitiated.  It’s perhaps a bit heavier than others, but that’s why you’re drinking it on a cold winter night.


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