Andrew Chapello – Training For a 100 Miler He Might Not Run

Andrew Chapello Interview

In 2016, Andrew Chapello ran a Western States qualifier at Canyons 100k.  He finished the race and threw his only ticket into the pot for the lottery in December.

andrew chapello
Andrew Chapello at Modesto Marathon 2017.

His name didn’t get drawn, but he was added to the wait (#36) list as a possible starter. Would 35 lottery winners DNS by June 24? What should he do? Train like he’s going to run it? Take it casual and assume that he might not…or that maybe he will toe the line? Register for a backup run? And how long does he train until he ends his quest?

andrew chapello
Andrew near the Dead Sea in Jordan

In this interview, we speak about the physical and emotional roller coaster of getting into the “Big Dance”, but not really getting in. How did he and his coach (David Roche) prepare? What type of training did he do, and how did that all coincide with his road marathon training?

Not only was he balancing the “maybe/maybe not” scenario, but if this would be Andrew’s first crack at a hundred miler. What did he fear about the race, and what was he looking forward to. In our chat, Andrew let me know that he’d been volunteering for the past few years and has seen 100 miler aid stations up close, so we know he’s fine in that department, but what aspects of the big day are troubling him? How does he cobble together a crew and pacer in less than two weeks?

Andrew’s got a great story that was fun to hear. 


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andrew chapello

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andrew chapello


Andrew Chapello Episode Notes

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Here’s Andrew’s blog. Check it out.

Outro music by David Stango. Here’s my interview him from last year and here’s his music page.


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