Anna Frost 2020

Anna Frost joins URP again to talk about how life has changed over the past fifteen years. From a full time athlete driven by social media likes to an adventure mom taking clients on exotic running adventures, Anna Frost has special insight into what it takes to make a living as an MUT athlete and how athletes need to lead an authentic life outside of running.

Anna Frost and her daughter Skyler.

Anna Frost Episode Notes

Here’s our interview with Anna from 2015 when she and Missy Goseny set out to conquer Nolan’s.

Here’s Anna’s coaching, jewelry, and blog site.

Here’s her trailrunadventures site.

Follow her on Instagram right here.

Anna mentioned the Rushing Women book for both men and women constantly on the move. Check it out at this link. (It’s an affiliate link which means it’ll drop a few nickels into the URP coffers should you keep the book. Thanks!)

Intro music | David Rosales
Outro music | AJ LeGrand

Gear Review with Lydia (Whoa! These shoes look alike!)

Her go-to trail shoe:
Brooks Catamount

Her go-to road shoe:

Skechers Go Run Razor +

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