Anna Frost Interview

Last week Anna Frost and Missy Gosney made history as the first women to complete Nolan’s 14, a series of 14 fourteen thousand peaks in Colorado. The ladies spent just shy of two and half days covering the 100-ish miles in which they climbed about 90,000 feet and slept for half an hour total.  Fresh off the adventure (and not too far off her Hardrock win), Anna sat down with us to share the details. How, why, what, and wow, was Missy Goseny a heckuva partner!

anna frost
Climbing Mt. Elbert

Interesting to note was Anna’s mindset throughout the entire adventure, whether she’ll do it again, and how she responds to the challenges about the details of the FKT.

No caption needed!

Anna, Ethan, and I also talk about being a brand and whether other pros will be adopting this route in the future.

Climbing Mt. Massive
Climbing (aptly named) Mt. Massive

Ethan and I also discuss the USATF team scoring proposal and trekking poles.

Ridgeline of Mt Massive
Ridgeline of Mt Massive


Episode Notes

This episode was sponsored by Healdsburg Running Camp.  Spend a few days this fall in the California wine (and beer!) country, run killer trails with MUT luminaries, and glamp in the finest bed and breakfasts around while dining on world class cuisine.  Yes, please!

All images on this page used with the express permission of Brandon Stapanowich.

Here’s our interview with Brandon from last year when he completed Nolan’s.

Here’s Anna’s site.

Here’s Brandon’s report from crewing for Frosty and Missy this year.

Here’s a lengthy discussion/argument about what constitutes the actual route/FKT.

Here’s Matt Mahoney’s site about Nolan’s 14.

Outro music: The Sky’s the Limit by Jason Derulo

Descending Elbert towards Bull Hill and La Plata Peak
Descending Elbert towards Bull Hill and La Plata Peak

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