Annie Weiss | 1200 Miles on the Ice Age Trail

Annie Weiss ran her first ultramarathon on the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin and won the 50k division. Since then, she’s gone on to run Kettle Moraine, North Face (Wisconsin and San Francisco), Black Canyon, Gorge Waterfalls, and Leadville three times.

Annie Weiss Ice Age Trail
Annie Weiss Ice Age Trail

In 2017, Annie set out with an audacious plan to set a new FKT on the 1,200 mile Ice Age Trail–a trail that, if stretched end to end, is the same distance as running from Milwaukee to Orlando, Florida.

That attempt lasted nine days until she succumbed to a bacterial infection on her foot and leg and she went back to the drawing board. Decisions had to be made about races and seasons and much of the scheduling was dependent on lotteries for big races.

This year she spent some time in the Alps, practiced hiking, and went over the logistics with her husband Brian and about three weeks after she started, she’d run 1200 miles, eaten dozens of bowls of cereal, slept in countless cheap hotels, and set a new record for both men and women.

Annie Weiss Ice Age Trail
Annie Weiss’ purple jacket.

Annie Weiss Episode Notes

Annie Weiss Ice Age Trail
A team effort.

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