Anton Krupicka ’14

spring_summitAnton has had a heckuva few months–and says he’s back in shape to win on the trails.  As an athlete with such a stout resume, he has set himself up for Speedgoat, then UTMB later in the summer–both races that require a fair amount of climbing prowess–and he’ll be racing hard for the podium.

In this interview, I compare Anton to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton (wait, what?), we talk injury, Speedgoat, Hardrock, pro runners, over-racing, and what type of person it takes to succeed in this silly sport.

Episode Notes:

Anton is sponsored by New Balance, Buff, and Ultimate Direction

Here’s his blog.

Follow Speedgoat here on on race day.

Outro music: The Rat by The Walkmen

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