Austin Bogina Interview

Austin Bogina is an Olympic Trials Qualifier in the Marathon, a member of the USA 50k team, and a Ph.D candidate in the field of sports management.

In this interview, we talk about growing up in small town Kansas, finding his legs in Colorado, and working his butt off to get where he is now.

(Austin is) just a farm boy from Kansas who made his dreams happen.

Matt Daniels

Austin and I could have spoken for hours about his academic focus and how small groups of runners affect the overall running scene and about how money affects the sport. I’ll likely ask Austin to be on the show again to dig even deeper about how our sport is growing and how that growth will affect athletes from casual ultramarathon runners to sponsored athletes.

Austin Bogina (r), Matt Daniels (shirt) and Matt’s wedding.

Austin Bogina Episode Notes

Here’s our interview with Austin’s good friend Matt Daniels.

Follow Austin Bogina on Instagram or his (mothballed) blog.

Intro/Outro Music used with permission from David Rosales

Austin Bogina and family at Olympic Trials

Gear Chat with Ben

Two products Ben reviewed were the North Face Vectiv and the Naked Running Vest and we raved about the new waffle line from rabbit.

Austin Bogina on the slopes.

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